A Portrait of the Artist as She Cooks

#125: Togo – Gboma Dessi

One thing I’ve learned through this effort is that while a region of the world may use the same ingredients in similar ways, there is a lot of room for diversity in flavor and this week’s country, Togo, surprised me in that way. On its surface, this Gboma Dessi seems like most other chicken dishes… Continue reading #125: Togo – Gboma Dessi

#121: Botswana – Seswaa

“So you’re saying I basically made a SteakUm?”- me “Yep. Cool. Grab me a bun!” – Matt Needless to say, I wasn’t really setting out to make a steak sandwich, but here we are. I told myself at the beginning of this project that I would even post the disasters. This shredded beef dish from… Continue reading #121: Botswana – Seswaa

#119: Gabon – Poulet Nyembe

For this week’s recipe, I had the opportunity to try an ingredient that I’ve admittedly skipped a few times in favor of easier to find alternatives. That ingredient is palm oil and/or palm butter. It has appeared in many African recipes but for the most part, they always listed an alternative ingredient (in some cases… Continue reading #119: Gabon – Poulet Nyembe


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