#35: Barbados – Bajan Fish Cakes

Pair this with your favorite hot sauce or use a classic Tabasco

For my 35th country, I decided to take it back to the islands earlier this week. I’ve never been to Barbados…in fact I’ve actually never been to an island for vacation! But one thing I can appreciate from island life is an abundance of seafood. This Bajan fish cake includes sweet potatoes (of which I love and always seem to have lying around) as well as a white fish. The recipe I used called for Mahi Mahi, but I elected to use halibut. There is little to no filler in these fish cakes that miraculously stay together with the help of egg and grated onion (with a quick dousing of flour before frying). Unlike other fish cakes I’ve made before, this uses already cooked fish (and sweet potato) so the cook time on these are a bit longer as you have to cook everything first, then assemble and then fry in the pan. I used this recipe: http://globaltableadventure.com/recipe/recipe-bajan-sweet-potato-fish-cakes/

Overall Level of Effort: 2

Skill Level: Intermediate

Would Make It Again? No

Additional Notes: I categorized this as an intermediate skill level because I think fish can be intimidating for most people, especially with white fish where it can be a bit harder to know when it’s done while be careful to not overcook it. When I started cooking more fish a decade ago, I mainly stuck to salmon (which you can easily underdo, and in fact I often like mine a bit more raw) or tilapia, which is cut so thin that I know that 2-3 minutes a side will easily do it. But thicker cuts of white fish can be complicated. Also, while I thought this was tasty, I still prefer crab cakes. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived near Maryland for so long. So while I think this was a fine meal, I don’t think it’ll be a repeat.

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