#45: Zimbabwe – Sausages w/ Peanut Butter Rice

The end of the fiscal year plus a quick trip to Pittsburgh for family matters threw off my usual pace for cooking. However that, paired with a highly anticipated vacation, means I’ll be hanging up the apron for a few weeks starting next week. For the first of my last two efforts, I kept it incredible simple. Matt works with a woman from Zimbabwe and when telling her about my cooking the world project, she suggested we 1) Get sausages from a company called Ayoba and 2) Make basic peanut butter rice. For her family, this is their family picnic go-to meal so I decided to make this last weekend, before driving up to Pittsburgh. The peanut butter rice is incredibly simple and I thought lacked a bit for seasoning. To compensate, I added a fair amount of crushed red pepper to the rice as cooking. The sausage, however was fantastic. We opted for the pork/beef combo. Reminded me a bit of a bratwurst and was great with a spicy mustard, but will definitely be a repeat the next time we have people over grilled tube meat.

Here is the recipe for the rice that she provided: https://cookpad.com/uk/recipes/13726045-rice-with-peanut-butter?shared_at=1626059429&via=email

And here is where you can order the sausage: https://ayobafoods.com/products/boerewors-south-african-sausage

Overall Level of Effort: 1

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make It Again? We will definitely buy this sausage again. It was fantastic.

Additional Notes: Was this really COOKING in the traditional sense? A little! I made the rice! But this was an opportunity to try out a new company’s product from someone who swears by its quality and for me, this counts. 🙂

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