#62: Malta – Kapunata

Each week, I get a delivery of (mostly) vegetables and typically I use many of the onions in a number of recipes for this blog but then largely use potatoes as a side for simple meal nights. However, for this week’s offering, I loaded up on vegetables in an effort to try something lighter for one of my countries. I landed on this Kapunata (much like a Caponata), but from the island of Malta. The only vegetable I had to pick up at the store was the eggplant (this was my first time working with it, actually!) and everything else for this dish came either in my weekly box or my pantry.

One feature of my delivery box is that a large reason for the inclusion of many of the vegetables as they may not make it to market due to abnormal shapes or sizes, an unattractive skin, etc. But for a dish like this Kapunata, everything gets chopped down and the beauty is in its lack of uniformity. With the addition of black olives and capers, this was great side dish to chicken. Or if you’re looking to cut down (or eliminate meat), pair this with a rustic bread loaf.

The recipe I used: https://www.meikepeters.com/tag/maltese-caponata/

Overall Level of Effort: 1

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make It Again? Yes

Additional Notes: Matt was a big fan of this and plans to put the leftovers in pasta sauce for a meal later this week. I’m not a big fan of green peppers, so I may swap that out for a yellow or red pepper and maybe try some other vegetables this way.

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