#79: Madagascar – Malagasy Coconut Chicken

As we head into warmer temps, I’m digging deep into my country list to find lighter dishes amid a sea of stews. This definitely is a struggle with African recipes where despite a hot climate, the cuisine tends to lean heavy towards root vegetable stews, red meat, and overall heftier meals. However, Madagascar has come to the rescue with this lightly flavorful (but not the most appetizing or colorful in appearance) dish which works great with chicken but I think could also be used with a white flaky fish. With simple ingredients from plum tomatoes to coconut milk, this quick weeknight dinner is great over rice and maybe even kid-friendly? (I don’t know, I don’t have kids but it’s a hunch!) Lest we forget, this dish does call for saffron (which is the only real spice it uses) so be sure to have some on hand…I know there were shortages for a bit!

While my dish didn’t have the same appearance as the recipe photo (it looks like they may have pan fried the chicken), here is what I used: https://www.slofoodgroup.com/blogs/recipes-stories/coconut-chicken-akoho-sy-voanio

Overall Level of Effort: 1

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make It Again? No

Additional Notes: The only reason I wouldn’t make this again is that at 79 countries cooked thus far, there are so many dishes I would repeat in a heartbeat. This was good, but it wasn’t one of them. However if I find that I have all the ingredients on hand, I may just put this into a weeknight meal lineup.

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