#94: Sri Lanka – Thakkali Curry

Run, don’t walk, to the farmer’s market to get heirloom tomatoes. Tis the season and in years past I’ve celebrated by making Caprese salad a few times a month (already well under way with that) or making tomato jam. But this year I may have found my new favorite OF ALL TIME tomato dish. That’s right, I’m shocked at how much I loved this dish. This tomato curry, hailing from Sri Lanka, made me so happy and I may put it up there in the top dishes I’ve made this year. Yes, I am pushing this dish that hard. 🙂

I elected to use green/yellow heirloom tomatoes for this curry, hence the color, but I think a selection of red tomatoes (or maybe even a mix?) would be good too. The recipe does call for a large number of ingredients and I made some slight adjustments. Instead of “hing” I used some onion and garlic powder (thank you Google for the suggestion). And instead of besan powder, I used some cassava flour (though I think some sort of heartier grain would work as well). This doesn’t take a lot of prep to make and while it does take a little time to cook down, it was incredibly easy to manage on a weeknight. I served it over some jasmine rice and with some chicken on the side, though I can easily see you making this with chicken in as well. The flavors were so incredible and it’s not spicy (but if you like that kind of thing, hot sauce dresses it up beautifully).

Recipe I used: https://hebbarskitchen.com/tomato-curry-recipe-thakkali-curry/.

Overall Level of Effort: 1

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make it Again? Absolutely 100x yes.

Additional Notes: I think you can modify even more of the ingredients if you needed (curry powder for curry leaves, or a regular red pepper as opposed to the kashmir chili powder referenced (I used an Indian red chili powder I discovered in the back of my pantry). I also used a little bit more light coconut milk than it called for which may have cut down a bit on the overall spice but I was pleased with the end result.

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