Cambodia Redux: Modified Fish Amok

A few weeks ago, shortly after I hit 100 countries, I suggested that I may go back to revisit some of the dishes or countries that I was very excited about cooking from that for whatever reason didn’t quite work. Cambodia was one of the earlier posts and I’m pretty convinced a misreading of an ingredient amount (salt!) was the culprit. For this go around, I looked at a few different recipes and decided to greatly simplify the dish, opting for shrimp as opposed to a poached filet of fish. I wanted something that was cooked in under 20 minutes and wouldn’t require a lot of concentration (as a preview I’ve been REALLY busy with cooking this week…more to come!). The end result was still a bit salty (I think I was trying to get more color in the curry and since I used pre-made paste I may have done a bit more than needed. BUT, this was at least edible. And worked out great for an easy meal last week.

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