#10: Kenya – Mchuzi Wa Samaki

Mchuzi Wa Samaki (Fish Curry w/ Salmon)

For country #10, I came across a common occurrence in my recipe searching where a few countries lay “claim” to a particular dish. I’ve noticed this a lot in Africa and I would imagine as border shift and people move around, food traditions travel as well so it’s hard to really pinpoint the origin of a dish, much less an idea of a dish. I think this fish curry is a perfect example. In many places, Tanzania is listed as the home to this dish but I’ve also seen Kenya listed. Now I have a confession-I originally tagged this as a Tanzania recipe and then found several weeks later that I had repeated a country, making a kebab that was native to Tanzania. So I have now retroactively claimed this for Kenya.

I chose salmon for this dish, but I imagine many other fish varieties would work as long as they aren’t too flaky. This dish was extremely straight forward and used a lot of spices and pantry staples that I already had readily available. I used the recipe found here: https://www.food.com/recipe/curried-fish-mchuzi-wa-samaki-308948

Overall Level of Effort: 1

Skill Level: Beginner

Would make again? No

Additional notes: This dish was a fine weeknight effort, ready in under 30 minutes, with minimal prep work needed. The dish wasn’t bad, but just not that memorable enough for me to want to repeat.

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