#11: Republic of Congo – Poulet Moambe

Poulet Moambe

The dish I made for the Republic of Congo was a perfect representation of what I was doing with my life in March of 2021: doing a major winter pantry clean out in anticipation of moving into our new house. This recipe included a lot of pantry staples such as tomato puree and paste, garlic, onion, and that African dish staple…peanut butter!

If I were to do a comparison of this with the Senegalese peanut butter stew (Chicken Mafe) I had made in January, this wouldn’t hold a candle to that deliciousness. But it check off a box of a second African country to tackle in March AND helped with the pantry clean out. I elected to make this with chicken breast as that is what I had on hand, but the recipe I used called for bone-in chicken: https://explorers.kitchen/recipes/mains/moambe-chicken/

Overall Level of Effort: 1

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make Again? No

Additional Notes: This was another simple weeknight meal, which was a strategy I was employing a lot in March as I got ready to move. I wanted to keep up with my project, but I lacked the energy (and often the tools) to make anything too elaborate. This dish was fine, but nothing memorable.

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