#89: North Korea – Bulgogi

I’ve never been a big beef eater but in recent years I’ve cut down my red meat consumption dramatically to just a handful of times a year. When I told Matt I was going to make this he commented that he couldn’t remember the last time we had red meat in the house. So perhaps we were overdue. One way I’ve always enjoyed beef was with an Asian-style marinade and cooked on the grill.

I’ve never been overly familiar with Korean cuisine. First off, I’ve never traveled there, and while there are a large number of Korean BBQ places near where I live, I’ve never really gravitated toward the concept. That being said, I love a good grilled meat and I wanted to do something simple for dinner during what is turning out to be an extremely hectic month. The marinade for this included several pantry staples with the exception of the grated Asian pear.

The origins of this dish in the Korea region is a little unclear but for the purposes of this blog, I’m attributing it to North Korea. I look forward to making something to reflect South Korea later on. I served this with jasmine rice and sugar snap peas. And Goguchang because its a new favorite.

This the recipe I used: https://www.koreanbapsang.com/bulgogi-korean-bbq-beef/

Overall Level of Effort: 2

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make it Again? Yes

Additional Notes: I picked a “2” for the level of effort because I find grating fruit…well…grating and annoying. We elected to make this in a skillet on the stove, but I think in a grill basket would have been ideal. Also, I let the meat sit in the marinade for about an hour, but I think it could have gone longer for a bit more flavor.

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