#24: Tanzania – Mishkaki

Kebabs are a Gorscak family favorite.

In early June, I decided to travel to Pittsburgh to work from my dad’s house for a week for a change of scenery. I wanted to try and stay on track with my project, but given that I didn’t want to haul a ton of random ingredients to Pittsburgh, or take the time to try to find them, I decided to go with a kebab recipe representing Tanzania that included a lot of pantry staples. The majority of these ingredients already existed in my dad’s pantry. All I needed was a good steak and a bunch of time. Fortunately it was easy to plan to marinade this for 24 hours and I picked up a sirloin steak at Giant Eagle. Dad manned the grill and I enjoyed an Old Fashioned while he took control of cooking this meat to perfection…along with a mess of vegetables.

Here is the recipe for Mishkaki (which I’ve read MAY hail from some other African countries, but I’m attributing to Tanzania for the purposes of this project: https://the.ismaili/nutrition/recipe/east-african-beef-mishkaki

Overall Level of Effort: 1

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make It Again? Yes

Additional Notes: One of things I really liked about this recipe (and future simple meat marinade/spice rub dishes) is that this doesn’t require a lot of prep work or a lot of ingredients that might be hard to find, or don’t already exist in your pantry. I wouldn’t think of putting all of these ingredients together, but now I know that this could be an easy option for something different for a meat marinade on a weeknight. Sure, it’s not the sexiest of presentations or require complex skillsets, but I loved how accessible this recipe is. And I hope you will too.

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