#39: Paraguay – Chipa Guazu

With corn season here, I decided to go big or go home for Matt’s birthday with this Paraguayan classic. While driving home from rural Pennsylvania we stopped at a country market and bought a ton of corn. Which is good because this recipes calls for 8 ears! (though I used 7 as I realized my dishware wasn’t quite prepared to handle the heft!)

Chipa Guazu (also referred to as Paraguayan Sopa) is an easy to make corn casserole/souffle dish that boasts a lot of corn (as noted above), eggs, Havarti cheese, and onion. We served this as a side to Argentinian steak with chimichurri sauce from one of my earlier blog posts. I’ve seen a number of recipes out there for this dish, with a few different names. While the recipe I used called for the texture to be a little more loose and less like cornbread, I think that I might have overdid mine a bit so the texture was a little bit more bready. However, it was a big hit with Matt’s parents and made for great leftovers for the week. Here’s the main recipe I used:

Overall Level of Effort: 2

Skill Level: Beginner

Would Make It Again? Yes

Additional Notes: This was a pretty easy dish to make but I put the overall level of effort at 2 since there is a little bit of labor in getting everything pulled together from shucking and removing kernels from 7 ears of corn as well as grating the cheese. Kudos to my sous chef Matt for the help on these aspects since I ended up having to work in the middle of prepping dinner.

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